3 Careers predicted to dominate Social Media

Like most of ya’s, I read so much stuff online. From articles, to blogs, to statistical information anywhere from HR, Social HR, Technology, Business, Social Media, and so on, and so on.

I came across this article over at Mark Schaefer’s site, where he discusses Marketing, PR and Social Media, titled “Three Careers That Will Dominate Social Media (And it’s not what you think).”

In it, he explains that while PR and Marketing will of course continue to remain in the swing of things, here are a few folks that corporate recruiters are looking into hiring for their social media departments. Careers in these three fields and transitioning into SoMedia are booming and he explains here in this excerpt:

1) Journalism. The social web’s need for content and storytellers is insatiable. I was recently on a panel with a dean of a large journalism school and he said they are having record enrollment. Why? Where are these people getting jobs?  Alternative media. The ability to rapidly crank out superb content is at the heart of any new media strategy. As the information density of the social web continues to escalate to unbearable levels, the ability to stand out through scintillating content will be essential.

2) HR/Change management. You want to know the biggest problem companies face in finding social media success? It’s not budget or talent or vision. It’s corporate culture. Every large company is creaking and churning toward a reaction-oriented, empowered culture that can succeed in this environment. This change is going to take some gut-wrenching organizational shifts and, as we are already seeing, the jettisoning of entire teams of people who don’t have the right skills to make the transition.  HR needs to be in the middle of this transition — and move these companies forward quickly!

3) Statisticians. If I were hiring a new social media marketing employee today, it would be a statistician, not a marketing major. Marketing has always been about finding insight from data but in the past that data was pretty difficult and expensive to come by for most businesses. We are entering the era of big data where marketing — even at small companies — will be ruled by math. The lack of basic understanding of statistics and analytics by social web “experts” and SEO consultants today is shocking. But make no mistake, this is where the treasure lies.  I think it would be easier to teach marketing to a statistician than the other way around. Marketing success will come to those who will be able to tease the most insight from data, so I’m putting my money on the numbers folks.

I find it very interesting (#2) and his last statement “HR needs to be in the middle of this transition – moving these companies forward quickly. We’ve all heard this coming from a mile away. And I can see his point. But then I notice so many of my HR friends who have been booted out of a job. They’ve been down-sized.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this. I know you have them :)

Photo Credit: HRAdvocate

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