Using Games, Sims and Virtual Worlds – at Work #IHRIMConf

As you all may know, I’m in Chicago blogging and taking part in the IHRIM HR Technology Conference. I just finished sitting in on an incredible session with CEO Scott Randall, of BrandGames, who is taking gamification to a whole new level. The title of the session was “Games, Sims, and Virtual Worlds – Engaging the next generation workforce.” Using gamification to drive engagement in the workplace. I’ll all about this.

Randall began by telling us all something that we already knew and that being that we are all overworked, over-messaged, and under-engaged at work. We are overwhelmed. Utilizing technology at work is critical if we are to evolve – especially with the techies who grew up on games. “These kids that grew up on SIMS and other games are our current workforce who are expecting to use technology EVERY DAY at work” says Randall. “And we need to be changing with technology in order to keep them engaged and keep our communication methods going forward in a technological world.”

A few stats on gaming:

  • 135 million consumers play at least one hour of video games a month, vs. 56 million in 2008.
  • 75% of US tablet owners play games on their devices, 57% of smart phone owners also play games.
  • 3 billion hours of game play a week are going on, with $60 billion in game sales

Where is this game play happening? – 40% are playing games at work. (Saatchi Gaming Study)

Here is my video interview with Randall after his session:

Randall makes a valid point. If our employees are already participating in games at work, why aren’t we using this same strategy to train and engage our employees?

It is predicted that during 2012 20% of Global 2000 organizations will deploy a gamified application. By 2014 the number will rise to 70%. Those are outrageous stats, IMHO.

Understanding how to apply game mechanics is critical to increase engagement with customers and employees and to motivate positive behavioral changes – and is critical to our success.

Check out BrandGames and find out how you can incorporate gaming into your engagement and training initiatives.

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