Training your employees to be Brand Advocates

If you aren’t thinking in terms of building social business inside your workplace, you may want to start. Your competitors are planning, if not already, doing social business and are out there ready to eat your lunch and pop the sack!

What is social business anyway? It’s opening up the lines of communication online with consumers and employees that humanize your brand. And though I am in the business of social management for businesses, getting your employees to be your mouthpiece in humanizing your brand is the ultimate way to go.

Of course a lot of companies and HR practitioners as well as the executive team, are leery of this for fear of unleashing their employees out there without having any restraint.

To Police or Not; That is the Question

When we think about doing social business in our organizations we of course, can’t help but think how we will police this. Policies can be important but if you go too far in trying to control everything your employees do online you are bound to wind up in some shit.

Instead, how’s about guiding your employees and involving them when writing your policy? Switch your thinking and open up the lines of communication internally creating dialogue. Ask your employees in an informal round table discussion, what their opinions and thoughts are concerning policy. Involve them and don’t over think it or complicate it. Then take those ideas and go write your policy.

Here’s a great infographic on Training your Employees.

Now go create some awesome communication with those folks who sell, produce, and build your products or services who are perfect for communicating with your consumers or vendors about your brand!

Photo Credit: CrewNewMexico

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