Taxes, Constitutions and Law Abiding Citizens

Yes, today is officially the last day to get your taxes in the mail (which I think is funny, since we’re about to shut down how many US Mail centers? And that we can’t depend on the US mail to get our shit anywhere) – In fact, I opted to mail my return this year, when I normally file online, in the hopes that the US Mail will not deliver! More on that topic at a later date.

We’ve heard forever that the only thing certain in life is “Death and Taxes.” I wonder, just like the story of which came first the chicken or the egg, which comes first. I’m most certain that it’s taxes.

I hate paying income tax and if I could get away with it, I wouldn’t pay one. red. cent. I despise the whole process. I’ve heard of former employees of the IRS refusing to pay their income taxes once they leave their positions. I get that!

So, why do I do it? Especially if it’s not even something that I agree with and believe to be unconstitutional?

One simple reason: Because the government can make your life a LIVING HELL.

Which reminded me of some of our stupid rules at work that we may or may not agree with.

I used to be the proverbial “In Yo Face” gal in Corporate America that always pushed the envelope, always questioned the rules, etc. Until it bit me in the rear!

Going against the grain and always questioning authorities can come back to bite you.  Now I’m not talking about things that are down-right wrong and go against the core of our being. We should be able to speak out against those kinds of things. But I’m referring to always having to have the last say. To arguing about silly break room rules. Stuff like that.

If you find yourself disagreeing with every rule in the company, maybe it’s time to ask yourself “Is my core belief system being compromised by working here or am I just being an ass.”

If you’re just being a jerk, you may want to tone it down and chilax! Jobs are hard to come by right now. You have two options: Suck it up, or move on! I never did understand those that consistently complain and never make any changes. Those people just want to complain about something, I suppose.

With that in mind, I curse as I fill out that check to the IRS, lick the envelope and send off my blood money to the ones in charge cause I don’t want to be needlessly harassed. And I’m sure I’ll do it again next year. Or I’ll take all my money out of the local bank, sell my home and move into a rental, or I’ll move to another Country.

But if I decide to stay in THIS country, I’ll abide by the rules. Even if they rub me the wrong way.

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